What do I think about America’s involvement in the war? Well I think we should win ~ Animal Mother, Full Metal Jacket


We now have the President with a new plan on Afghanistan, inferring he will not leave a war un won and calling it America’s forgotten war which is news to me because I always was under the impression the War on Poverty was America’s longest and most often forgotten war. The offensive in Afghanistan could’ve been a noble, successful and stabilizing mission in the middle east had it not been derided by our foray into Iraq which yielded everything but stabilization of the middle east. As the leadership transferred from President Bush to President Obama and buoyed by his VP Joe Biden’s extensive travel into the war zones President Obama did, in the beginning of his tenure, come up with more effective ways of defeating the enemy. Primarily moving away from a battlefield mentality to a more systemic search and destroy, even destroy one at a time if needed, and ultimately the demise of Osama bin Laden. Somehow this mentality and strategy got lost in the mix mostly because of the corrupt nature of the leadership and mini tribal leaderships throughout the entirety of the Afghan country.

It’s said that the President of Afghanistan ultimately convinced our current President that the enormity of rare, non rare earth elements and gems, somewhere between $1 to $30 Trillion in value depending on who you listen to, that reside under the dirt is worth fighting for and he now views it as some great business deal despite every single one of our executive military and civilian leadership’s opposition. Our military is too depleted and these people will never give up nor will they ever embrace our cause. Until someone truly does something constructive to unite the country like build freeways that go north to south and east to west; logistically it’s too convoluted. No place is safe and not one potential enemy distinguishable from a solid citizen until he shoots you in the back.

As yet the details and actions from the White House are sketchy, as usual, except for an expanded role of the CIA, a historical recipe for disaster, an ever growing influx of soldiers and fierce faced speeches by VP Pence that will somehow end up in a CONVINCING win according to the President which sounds like movie quotes in the making. Am I the only one that starts thinking thoughts of ‘the smell of Napalm in the morning’ or ‘Why don’t you jump on the team and come on in for the big win’ parallels in my head except this is no joke. It’s important to us that Afghanistan become a strategic stable partner both of which they’ve never been to anyone. We can withdraw funding to Pakistan which was done during the Obama Administration and ended up in denied access to Afghanistan from Pakistani soil. This concept of withholding funds is nothing new and it is likely we will re-fund the Pakistanis in the future. Although our relationship with them is tenuous at best it keeps them busy helping to do our dirty deeds and not fighting with their Indian neighbors. The last thing we want or need is another Indo-Pakistani war on our hands this time with two nations equally armed with nuclear weapons.

I believe that anything other than leadership and selective destruction is completely unacceptable although I could be swayed by experts. We can hire the Pakistanis to fight a proxy war for us but the main problem is the Afghans. If they want to become a solidified nation, reap the benefits of their natural resources and become a strategic partner of the USA they’ll cut the corruption, secure the country and private firms will be there in a hot heartbeat. I’m skeptical of any escalation that would further endanger the life of one more American Soldier or innocent Afghan Civilian. This is a dilemma.

To see the reality of how dirty and un-winnable this war is do yourself a favor and watch the video below, you only have to see it one time to realize the reality and futility of our efforts. It was nominated for an academy award for best documentary in 2010 and didn’t win although it should have and the saving grace is there is an Oregon connection. The rockstar of this flic turns out to be a mild mannered guy named Mischa Pemble-Belkin who hails from Hillsboro and a progeny of a proudly hippy family. This is not only a historic movie it will make you proud to be an American, proud of our soldiers that show respect and professionalism when they prosecute a war in no man’s land and even when they pull the trigger. Forget about all the dramatized Hollywood 9/11 glory movies; these guys are the real heroes and be weary this is real, people die.

Do yourself and your country a favor and find out what happened to Juan Restrepo.
Remember this, ‘you can’t tame the beast!’ Restrepo Full Movie