Gentlemen, we’ve got to protect our phony baloney jobs! ~ Governor William J Lepetomane, Blazing Saddles

Help me, help you… send Greg Walden home!

Everyone in District 2 is aware of the cruel hoax that’s been perpetrated on them via Greg Walden’s representation or lack thereof in Washington DC. He’s used his position to become nothing more than a shill for his sponsors. Closing in on 20 years of elected service at the federal level and no apparent legacy for the people of Oregon although he’d tell you differently. He’s hated by his constituents and people throughout the state. Take a look at the responses to his prolific Twitter page to see the reality of his relationship with his voters.

It would seem that any reasonable candidate could send him back to Hood River with his cushy retirement package courtesy of the taxpayers. The current Democrats believe they’ve got it in the the bag. They’re ready to pack up the moving van and catch the first flight to DC and they probably could if they had a candidate and were more pragmatic about the uphill battle they face. With the conservative demographics of the district in mind and their message of gun control, more taxes and a solar panel for everyone their likelihood of success is no different than its been in the past despite their optimism. The reality of their message and inability to connect with the citizens of the district will likely relegate them to the same blistering they had in the election of 2016, maybe they’ll narrow the vote deficit to an even 100,000.

If you’re a disenchanted constituent of Mr Walden and you want him gone here’s how to send him home and starting May 16 change his status to a more apropos, lame duck. If you’re a Republican simply vote for me as a write in, Republican, candidate in the Oregon Primary Election on May 15. If you’re a Democrat, Independent or other unaffiliated voter then I ask you to put State before Party and do what’s right. Go to the Oregon Secretary of State via this link and change your party affiliation to Republican and then vote for me as a write in, Republican, candidate in the Oregon Primary; you can just as easily change your party affiliation back on May 16th for the General Election in November. If you feel that you really have to vote for a specific Democrat then vote for that person but if you are married, connected to someone in any way I ask you for this favor. I ask that one of you change your party affiliation for the Primary and vote for me. If this sounds appealing please email me and let me know so I can thank you immediately. You won’t be disappointed!

Thank you in advance for your consideration!