Gentlemen, we’ve got to protect our phony baloney jobs! ~ Governor William J Lepetomane, Blazing Saddles

Help me, help you… send Greg Walden home!

Everyone in District 2 is aware of the cruel hoax that’s been perpetrated on them via Greg Walden’s representation or lack thereof in Washington DC. He’s used his position to become nothing more than a shill for his sponsors & proxy vote . Closing in on 20 years of elected service at the federal level and no apparent legacy for the people of Oregon although he’d tell you differently. He’s hated by his constituents and people throughout the state. Take a look at the responses to his prolific Twitter page with its thousands of fake followers to see the reality of his relationship with his constituents.

It would seem that any reasonable candidate could send him back to Hood River with his cushy retirement package courtesy of the taxpayers. The current Democrats believe they’ve got it in the the bag. They’re ready to pack up the moving van and catch the first flight to DC and they probably could if they had a candidate and were more pragmatic about the uphill battle they face. With the conservative demographics of the district in mind and their message of gun control, more taxes and a solar panel for everyone their likelihood of success is no different than its been in the past despite their optimism. The reality of their message and inability to connect with the citizens of the district will likely relegate them to the same blistering they had in the election of 2016, maybe they’ll narrow the vote deficit to an even 100,000.

I took this pill years ago and weaned myself off it slow and steady it took me a couple of months there was no problem. Ive been anxiety free for years. Now I find myself having anxiety and panic attacks again and I am back on Klonopin and couldnt be happier.

Will the real Greg Walden please stand up ~ To Tell The Truth, 2018

Meet Our Illustrious Incumbent

Who does he work for? Well its obvious and well known by the voters of District 2 that he doesn’t work for you and me and that’s not just an anecdotal hypothesis. There are factual ways to follow the progress of Mr Walden and his congressional record of which I will focus on. One will be to follow the legislation and second to follow the money, we could follow the intellectualism too but as there is none that would be an exercise in futility. Talk is always cheap but actions speak louder than words. In the following set forth below it will be very easy to find out who the real Greg Walden and the Captain of this sunken ship is.

First, let me set the record straight. Our Democrat do gooders looking for love from the voters who claim they will get us back on track will be the first apologists for Mr Walden. Their common thread starts with, ‘well he had good intentions but he lost his way’; the reality is he never had a way. His dad was a member of Oregon’s state legislature, as was he, so he showed up with direct and indirect experience of the life of a politician and he knew the easiest gig in town was as a Congressman, the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. He claimed to have wanted to run for Governor but in the end probably figured that that job actually takes leadership and fresh ideas. Maybe he’s just a bad people person.

To put the job in perspective you need to only show up for work for 100 days of the year to fulfill your requirement, you pull that off for 5 years and you get to leave with a fat Government pension. In between you get a lot of free lunches; if that’s your goal then there are your minimums. From my perspective I believe he knew exactly where he was going and where he would end up, he was a young man with a lot of money and too much time on his hands. It has become ever more crystal clear that his time has come and gone. We already have plenty of career political representatives in DC and they’re not doing a thing.

His Legislative Record

In 9 terms he has now sponsored 125 House Bills and he has passed 14. Most of these are just amendments to previously existing laws and merely paragraphs long. That comes out to 1.5 laws per term. In all fairness, and I like fairness, he has cosponsored additional bills that have become law to the tune of 137 out of 1738. That result is 12.7 per term but then you have to ask as a cosponsor what was his contribution, did he just want a slap on the back and a seat at the dinner table? You be the judge, I urge you to look up his Legislative Record and use the search tool for a thorough review.

From my view his lack of success stems from many things. Primarily lack of fresh thought, partisanship, bad ideas, bad lawyering, poor execution and some naivete’. If you look at his staff he puts a lot of funds into the hands of his upper echelon and not very much into his legal consultants. I’ve never seen him on a Sunday news show, probably because he doesn’t spend many Fridays, Saturdays or Sundays in DC, and the most you’ll hear of his name is when he’s recognized for making a provocative or gratuitous, mostly gratuitous, statement. The first time anybody ever really heard of him on a national basis was when he tried to push through the epitome of copy and paste legislation i.e. TrumpCare 1.0; the most egregious example of failure from our 9 term Congressman. His biggest accomplishment in the Congress is likely to be that he was re-elected eight times.

I wouldn’t even consider legislation with associate level lawyers like Mr Walden has used ineffectually and I’ll prove that by bringing two practicing, peer reviewed, preeminent and well schooled Attorneys who won’t just be good lawyers; they’ll be expert negotiators and confidants who will act as the leaders of my legislative efforts, team members AND will be taking a cut in pay in the name of State and Country.

Following the Money

Again lets review some of Mr.Waldens key employees and compare their wages to their counterparts in Oregon’s four other Congressional districts. I think you’ll see a theme here, working for Greg Walden is a good gig.

District 2
Congressman Walden, $174,000
Brian C MacDonald, Chief of Staff $168,411
Ray Baum, Senior Policy Advisor $168,069 (Deceased)
Andrew Malcom, Communications Director $98,000
Nicholas Strader, District Director $97,500
District 1
Congressman Bonamici, $174,000
Rachael A Bornstein Chief of Staff $138,002
n/a, Senior Policy Advisor $0
n/a, Communications Director $0
Sarah C Baessler District Director $74,112
District 3
Congressman Blumenaeur, $174,000
Julia J Pomeroy, Chief of Staff $138,500
n/a, Senior Policy Advisor $0
Nichole A L’Esperance, Communications Director $56,917
n/a, District Director $0
District 4
Congressman DeFazio $174,000
Kristine M Greco, Chief of Staff $150,000
n/a, Senior Policy Advisor $0
Beth A Schoenbach, Communications Director $47,764
Robert N Batz, District Director $78,000
District 5
Congressman Schrader, $174,000
Paul Gage, Chief of Staff $138,750
n/a, Senior Policy Advisor $0
Elizabeth M Margolis, Communications Director $51,339
Suzanne Kunse, District Director $103,500


Incomes in District 2 Congressional District largest counties


Jackson County
Median Income $44,142
Median Family Income $53,739
Men $40,435
Women $30,632
Per Capita income $24,410
14.0% of the population below poverty line
18 and under 19%
65 and over 7.4%
Klamath County
Median Income $41,818
Median Family Income $51,596
Men $42,215
Women $30,413
Per Capita Income $22,081
16.6% of the population below poverty line
18 and under 21.8%
65 or over 9.1%
Deschutes County
Median Income $53,071
Median Family Income $61,605
Men $43,543
Women $33,207
Per Capita Income $27,920
10.5% of the population below poverty line
Under 18 14.9%
65 and over 7.7%

*Chances that the people of Deschutes County would say Greg Walden has something to do with their prosperity? Slim to none.
*Double digit poverty levels are nothing to be proud of. Just because you don’t see it doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.

Incomes in Oregon’s most affluent counties


Multnomah County
Median Income $49,618
Median Family Income $62,956
Men $45,152
Women $38,211
Per Capita Income $28,883
16.0% of the population below poverty line
Under 18 21.1%
65 and over 12.1%
Washington County
Median Income $62,574
Median Family Income $76,778
Men $54,417
Women $40,254
Per Capita Income $30,522
9.5% of the population below poverty line
Under 18 12.5%
65 and over 6.7%
Clackamas County
Median Income $62,007
Median Family Income $74,905
Men $53,488
Women $39,796
Per Capita Income $31,785
9% of the population below poverty line
Under 18 11.2%
65 and over 6.2%


Greg Walden says ‘we’ll never give up til we get’r done’ while commenting on HR 1526 of the 113th congress, circa 2014. The Bill doesn’t mention the word conservation one time and why did it fail? What’s Greg done since his commitment to never giving up again? Please remind me.

Greg Walden says we’ve been sued again by environmentalists. Does he go to Portland and try to enlist pro bono legal support from big time legal firms and provide the court with Amicus participation, maybe silence the environmental wackjobs on behalf of the people of Oregon? No that’s too hard, instead he says ‘can we get some money’ after out of state armed marauders damage federal facilities and deplete local government resources at the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge.

Greg says ‘protesters, ahem armed’ who don’t live here have come to Oregon because they have local support. Translation: trespassers, scalawags, cutthroats, bandits and armed marauders have taken over federal historic property, damaged it and brought mayhem to rural Harney County, Population 7200 plus 101,000 cows, bigger than 9 US States with a combined amount of 14 sworn peace officers from 3 entities, Sheriff’s Dept. & 2 Police Dept’s, a jail with a capacity of 24 inmates and staffed by 7 nonsworn corrections officers. One of the ‘protesters, ahem armed’ puts federal law enforcement officers at risk and ends up losing his life for no reason. All he had to do was stop his car and surrender to law enforcement. Is that a tragedy or travesty, you decide.

Greg sheds a few tears.

Greg says he doesn’t defend armed takeovers, even though he previously said the armed taker’overs were just ‘protesters’.

Greg claims two people are in federal prison because they set a backfire. The reality was quite different, they violated their grazing agreement with the federal government on Malheur County Refuge land and were warned many many times their permit was in jeopardy. Instead of acting like businessmen they continued to light fires, defy government rules and threaten federal wildlife managers with violence. Not a good strategy, I can’t get behind people breaking the law especially when their peers operate within legal constraints under the same conditions. Greg tells us he wrote the law that the federal wildlife representatives went around to enforce their standards. Greg says I know the law I wrote it! Maybe his law was Swiss Cheese? Maybe this is what happens when your legislative staff is from the political ranks vs those who actually practice law and know how judges and courts think and work.

Greg neglects to tell us that he introduced a Bill, H.R.5815 – Resource Management Practices Protection Act of 2016 on July 14, 2016 to mitigate the law the two scofflaw antagonists and arsonists were sentenced on. Lots of Congressional representatives are attorneys and, in essence, supporting a crime via legislation doesn’t look good on your resume nor do crimes seem appealing to officers of the court. Common sense might say the punishment didn’t fit the crime but that’s the risk you take when you don’t abide by the law. The Bill goes nowhere.

Greg neglects to tell us that he introduced the same Bill again, H.R.983 – Resource Management Practices Protection Act of 2017 on February 7, 2017. Greg tells the press that this bill would have no retroactive effect on the sentence of the two people behind bars but I guarantee you that was the motive. See if you’re a friend of Greg Walden you get a free pass, maybe a get out of jail free card…unequal justice. The Bill goes nowhere.

Greg says ranchers fear fires every year that aren’t fought properly. Fire on ranch land can easily be fought in Harney County. Trees & terrain make a fire hard to fight and cows don’t graze in the forest. A single, made in Oregon, Erickson AirCrane can make an effective pass in the lightest coverage mode on grasslands over a mile long per drop and put out fire on hundreds of these types of acres before a single fireman puts down his cup of coffee and picks up a shovel.

Greg says no one is accountable. Well I say he’s accountable! It’s his district..write some legislation that deals with the fuel source on the ground, that’s your job!

Greg Walden when he represented the people of Oregon’s 2nd Congressional District before he had his spine removed. These days are long gone.

Greg Walden again proving he once represented the people of Oregon. I don’t understand all the jibber jabber debate about pool levels and installing or borrowing from wind driven pumps. Most of our wind driven energy is shipped out of state because it’s so costly so there’s a big discrepancy with the argument right there, then again this was nearly 20 years ago so science on this is more defined. I do like the way the Congressman goes after these quasi energy experts and if I was involved in any discussion over a ‘Cap & Trade’ issue instead of using the words ‘your analysis’ I think I would’ve snuck in ‘urinalysis’ but that’s just me. Absolutely love pointing out via graph the absurdity of 1000 megawatts of wind power compared to the immense energy generation potential of a dam that produces hundreds of thousands of megawatts. The man in these two videos does simply not exist and although these videos are dated 2009 they are from his first term election of ’98.

Congratulations Mr Walden, you used to be somebody.