Potential Areas of Federal Assistance in the District

Klamath Falls Airport
The entire Klamath Falls community is in dire need of vitalization. As the Districts 3rd largest county it’s disgraceful that we can’t figure out some way(s) to bring in an infusion of opportunity. One place we can start is at the airport; I’d like to see a large air carrier with regular flights into their terminal, subsidized or not, and getting people to major airports like San Francisco Los Angeles and Denver.

Medford Airport
I’d like to see a real effort to attract Southwest Airlines to the Medford Airport. Southwest provides quick and efficient air travel that would be a fantastic addition for business and pleasure travelers and can move larger numbers to hub destinations and ease early morning travel congestion in Medford with bigger aircraft. Wherever Southwest goes people will come to fly so an investment in their cooperation could prove profitable to the airport, the airlines, future employees and travelers. With the inception of the Boeing Max Series aircraft that Southwest has purchased and will fly you could travel anywhere in the USA, Hawaii and Alaska included, nonstop from Southern Oregon’s air travel center.

Want to build a world class destination, act like you are one!

Geothermal Energy
With what seems to be a regular loss of revenue the state and district gets from hydroelectric power windfalls via the new regularity of winters with below historical rain and snowfall averages, for whatever reason, it’s time to address our ability to produce affordable energy. Most of our renewable resources i.e. windfarm power is shipped off to other states because it’s not affordable. We use 48 million megawatts of power statewide and produce 58 million megawatts. The problem is we ship off more than the 10 million megawatt surplus and end up importing cheaper energy from other states. Likely coal generated energies and even some nuclear power probably from the Columbia Generating Station. Geothermal Energy is emissions free, resilient, robust and low cost; it operates 24 hours a day every day of the year at 100% capacity. It’s no secret that Oregon has vast reserves of Geothermal capabilities that have gone almost completely untapped. Geothermal energy provides stand alone & unsubsidized sustainability, self reliant and secure quiet power and most importantly energy assets equal security. It brings quality high paying energy jobs and generally resides in areas that are out of site and out of mind. With the states Geothermal potential we could eliminate our energy acquisition deficit to extending electricity demands to other states in need and reap the benefits that contribute directly to needed funding at the state level.  Although there have been exploration efforts there haven’t been enough and we only have 2 Geothermal plants in Oregon. A 4 megawatt plant in Paisley and the Neal Hot Springs Geothermal Plant that produces 33 megawatts. The generation value of both of these plants combined could be considered negligible at best. Energy in our own backyard.
What we need to fully realize our geothermal assets….MONEY!

Geothermal map of Oregon
Regional Occupation Programs

Regional Occupation Programs or Career Technical Training call it what you will. Courses that give viable job skills to high school students and adults and put them on track to local jobs in the community even the freedom to apply for jobs in other states and around the world. Jobs like industrial and process engineering, petrochemical or utility operations, specialized vocations like welding and steamfitting. Courses that lead to medical careers whether they be in science based technologies or hands on clinical positions. These types of programs once flourished and produced many graduates with good paying jobs in public and private businesses. Many of these people once hired will stay at their job until retirement, contribute to the community, raise families, pay taxes and buy things. Public employees acquire job stability, above average wages and benefits plus retirement. Those who end up in the private sector sometimes strike lightning in a bottle via promotions, stock options and venturing out into their own endeavors with additional on the job acquired skills.

Many of the private or public would be employers have their own classrooms and can become easily accredited to provide well balanced schooling that would include a mix of liberal arts and vocational studies. Benefiting the employer as a training location also benefits the future employee and many of these operations end up hiring their own students. Study in a 6 mos to 1 year program teaches not only the education and training of a job but teaches the student to value his time spent learning without pay. Grants and financial aid for payment and a stipend for students to live on during the training period are cheap and could be arranged within the community. Investments in effective education are without question always in the best interest of the community, the state and the individual. These types of investment in local education are not only fortuitous and fulfilling they are also inexpensive and in the long run self sustaining.

Making Over the State

Notice the difference?

Has anyone been to a mini Rodeo’esque Drive Boutique of tax free luxury goods like Rolex, Louis Vuitton, Prada et al in Southern Oregon before the traveling public makes its way to tax heavy California? Neither have I..

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